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Saint Nick is a Toronto-based music producer, audio engineer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Nick had music engrained in his education from an early age, allowing him to pick up proficency on a wide variety of instruments. During this time, Nick also absorbed and internalized a multitude of musical styles from classical, alternative rock, jazz, hip hop, and everything in between.

Born and raised in Calgary, Nick moved to Toronto in 2015 to pursue a bachelors degree in jazz trombone performance from Humber College. While there, Nick studied with some of Canada's most renowned jazz musicians including Alastair Kay, William Carn, John MacLeod, and Larnell Lewis. While attending Humber, Nick discovered his passion for audio engineering and music production, quickly gaining an affinity for the more technical side of music. He spent the majority of his down time studying and growing as a producer and engineer, frequently collaborating with his peers to build up his ability and develop his comfort in the studio.

Nick has not let his rich background as a performer go unutilized, often reaching for his own instruments in his productions to add a unique flair to his tracks. Nick uses his musical fluency and versatility to blend sounds and elements from different styles, and always aims to create something unique. Regardless of his deep comprehension of music, Nick prefers to guide and collaborate with artists in the studio, helping to shine the best possible light on them as opposed to dictating the direction of the session. He always aims to create an environment where an artist can be free to express themselves free of judgement, and to let their true selves come through.

Since completing his studies, Nick has gone on to mix records for Tea G, Martina Ortiz Luis, Ramona Vee, NAIIM, Sondrey, and JUNO-Award nominated artist Ralph.